Kazakhstan moves toward renewable energy

ASTANA – In an effort to save money and natural resources, Kazakhstan is looking for ways to use renewable energy sources.

About 20-30% of domestically consumed energy can be saved through the use of heat- and energy-saving technology,” Yaroslav Romanchik of the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Clean Production said.

Wind- and water-based solutions are considered the most viable, but Igor Kharchenko, an analyst at the Moscow-based Centre for Study of World Energy Markets, warned that building new plants might turn out inordinately expensive for Kazakhstan.

Working Visit To Kazachstan Creation Of Bekaba December 2012

The president was on a working visit in Kazachstan end of December to finalize the creation of BEKABA - Belgium Kazachstan Business Association. Cibr is one of the founding members. BEKABA is open to all nationalities.

BEKABA is business organization which aims to promote the trade, the investments and to defend the interests of the members BEKABA  provides information to the members and lobbies for the members. BEKABA helps members to do  business in Kazachstan, Romania and Belgium.

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In 2013 Kazakhstan real estate market will grow by 10%

In 2012 the Kazakhstan real estate market showed differently directed pace and grew by 5%. Just like in the pre-crisis period, such large cities with high level of employment of the population as Astana, Almaty and Atyrau were among the leaders in the number of deals. Specialists of the Kazakhstan Real Estate Federation noted that the highest buying activity was observed in Astana, while in Almaty the market experienced fluctuations.

Kazakhstan real estate and property

Kazakhstan real estate overview

Foreigners are free to purchase real estate in Kazakhstan, both individuals and juridical persons. Housing or commercial estate can be purchased as well as land. Agricultural lands are the only exception.

Kazakhstan real estate information

There are various dwellings in Kazakhstan. Blocks of apartments within the city are typical objects. There are also apartments of business class and elite ones. The elite apartments are not the same as in Europe but some objects are of real good quality.

2010-2014 National Program of forced industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 19, 2010 # 958

In order to obtain diversification and improve competitive ability of economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for long-run period I DECREE:

1. Confirmation of the 2010-2014 National Program of forced industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the Program).

Electronic government in Kazakhstan

“Electronic government” (e-Government) term implies uniform system which will unite all state structures and will allow them to render services to the population through the Internet, electronic terminals or even mobile phones to physical persons, companies or businessmen. The basic models inside the electronic government are: G2C (states-citizens), G2B (state-business) and G2G (state-state).

The stages of Program implementation:

Abundant Natural Resources in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s priceless treasure is its mineral resources. Kazakhstan is the 6th largest country around the world in terms of mineral resources. 99 elements discovered, 70 elements explored, 60 are being recovered and used in Kazakhstan’s soil out of 110 elements of D.I.Mendeleyev’s periodic table, they are:  oil, gas, uranium, zinc, tungsten, barium, silver, lead, chrome, copper, fluorites, molybdenum, and gold.

Mineral and resources base of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of 5,004 fields, estimated cost is around USD 46 trillion.