Why Kazakhstan is attractive as a geographical position for investors?

Proximity to Largest Regional Markets

  • Kazakhstan is the continental bridge for goods that move from East and West, South to North.
  • 3 out of 4 BRIC countries are located near Kazakhstan: Russia, China and India.
  • Strategically located between European and Asian business centers
  • Serves as a main transit zone in the region
  • Provides 3 out of 4 Eurasian railways

Market capacity

By producing in Kazakhstan or finalizing the production the EU countries obtain a gateway to Russian and Belarus markets through Customs Union agreement

The president of Bekaba has some remarks and options when it comes to re-activate your export to Russia and to export to more countries.

Russia is blocking Europe. Europe is blocking Russia.

Unblock the Russian market from Kzakhstan.

Benefits for EU businesses exporting to Kazakhstan include:

The president of Bekaba had a meeting at the ministry of investment and development of the republic of kazakhstan

On 29 December the president of Bekaba had a meeting at the ministry of investment and devlopment of Kazakhstan with Sabit Narbayev in Almaty.

They discussed the investment support in Kzakhstan and the bilateral possibilities and future cooperation with Belgium and Kazakhstan.

The cooperation goes in two directions cooperation in Belgium and cooperation in Kzakhstan.

The president was very happy with the outcomes of this meeting and he hopes to have a very good and succesfull cooperation between the two countries and organisations.

Almaty , 30 December 2015  

Investment contract with Kazakhstan gouvernement – investment preferences in non free zones – state aid Kazakhstan

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According to the Law of RK On Investments an investor can get:

2. Incentives for priority investment projects*

Kazakhstan approves 1,500 state subsidy bids for agro industry

Kazakhstan approved 1,420 bids of the entities of the agro-industrial complex for getting the grants from the operator of the investment subsidy program – Kazagromarketing company in the first nine months of 2015, the company said Nov. 24.

The cost of the projects on the approved bids amounted to 24.8 billion tenge (307.21 tenge = $ 1). The amount of the approved subsidies reaches 4.9 billion tenge.

Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan intends to increase efficiency of crop farming subsidies

A new subsidizing mechanism will increase the efficiency of crop industry, Minister of Agriculture Assylzhan Mamytbekov has said.

"We are soon planning to make necessary changes to the budget, that will increase the efficiency of crop subsidies in 2016," Mamytbekov said at the CCS briefing.

According to him, the same changes will be made to the cattle breeding subsidies.

Investment opportunities of Kazakhstan were presented to Poland investors

The work of the two-day road show of the Republic of Poland in the Republic of Kazakhstan devoted to presentation of investment opportunities  came to the end. The event was organized by the National Export and Investment Agency «KAZNEX INVEST» with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Poland.