ReEnergy Kazakhstan: sources

Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan: 
One of the priority areas in developing electric power industry and meeting environmental challenges in Kazakhstan today is the use of renewable energy resources and implementation of energy and resource saving programmes. 

The potential of renewable energy resources (hydropower, wind and solar energy) in Kazakhstan is very significant. However, the percentage of alternative energy generation in Kazakhstan is only 0.4% of the total amount. 

Kazakhstan moves toward renewable energy

ASTANA – In an effort to save money and natural resources, Kazakhstan is looking for ways to use renewable energy sources.

About 20-30% of domestically consumed energy can be saved through the use of heat- and energy-saving technology,” Yaroslav Romanchik of the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Clean Production said.

Wind- and water-based solutions are considered the most viable, but Igor Kharchenko, an analyst at the Moscow-based Centre for Study of World Energy Markets, warned that building new plants might turn out inordinately expensive for Kazakhstan.