Company creation in Kazakhstan

Company creation

Opening an operation in a new market is generally the most costly and time-consuming way to enter it, but the rewards and benefits can be great. There are important legal and financial implications involved in setting up a business. You should take advice from our accountants or business advisers and lawyers.

There are three ways to open an overseas operation are to set up:

We host your company in our incubation centers in Kazakhstan

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We have several business centers at your disposal. We own or rent and do the exploitation of the business centers that we have in our portfolio. If needed we will look for a tailor made solution for your specific business. We offer all that you need in order to conduct your business in a modern, pleasant and  productive environment in open offices or classical offices.

Celebration launch of BEKABA - meet the president of BEKABA face to face in feb or mrt 2016

We invite you for a personal meet and greet and business discussion with the president of BEKABA in Gent, Belgium – “kelders hof Ryhove” , Onderstraat 22 , Gent, Belgium.

Please send a day and the hour that you will be there for a personal discussion and the subject of your discussion (1 hour per person).

Kazakhstan private banking news: interest 14 percent for the next period on deposits

Kazakhstan’s tenge sank the most since the country switched to a free-floating exchange rate as crude oil fell and finance experts said the central bank’s key interest rate is too low to put a floor under the currency’s declines.

The central bank interest rate was too low and the National Bank had to Raise the key interest rate.

Kazakhstan's National Bank has raised its key rate by one percentage point to on 1 February 2016.